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In October 2016, the city government of Jinan (8 M inhabitants) and the government of Shandong province (100 M inhabitants) have held a congress[1] with the following topic: Developing Jinan, the capital of the province, into an important Chinese financial center. International Experts were asked to contribute their experience regarding the financial center of Frankfurt, Germany. One area of particular interest was the connection between the real economy and the financial sector.

Dr. Hohenschutz contributed his expertise in the form of analysis and recommendations in a very well received presentation. The audience was comprised of high ranking representatives of the government and of the financial sector of Jinan, a city where the insurance business plays an important role. The analysis and the recommendations presented by Dr. Hohenschutz were tailored specifically for Jinan and Shandong and revolved around connecting the financial sector and the real economy while keeping in mind the economic environment of Shandong province.

Dr. Hohenschutz