Outsourcing Partner and IT Service Provider

As an outsourcing-partner we offer a very broad spectrum of services

For Banks and Financial Services Providers
We are a one-stop-shop for all necessary areas. This includes financial accounting, taxes, all regulatory disclosure to banking supervision authorities, risk controlling (including intra-day near time supervision of all open risk positions), simulations, and compliance officer.
We possess custom interfaces to all relevant clearing banks and to the most important trading platforms and we process the incoming data using our own systems. We do financial accounting using DATEV (the leading accounting platform in Germany), securities trading data can be imported automatically.
NEW: We offer Transactions Reporting according to Art. 26 MIFIR MiFiD II.

For all other Companies
For all other companies, we offer our outsourcing services in the areas of financial accounting and taxation.

All legal obligations
In the course of our outsourcing services, we fulfil all legal obligations regarding archiving data and results as well as the necessary documentation

Our IT competency allows us not only to work as an outsourcing partner for crucial business areas. We offer consulting and realization regarding complex IT-based tasks, which means we are practically functioning as an external datacentre for our clients.
This includes but is not limited to:

  • Standardization of data formats
  • Data integration
  • Programming of interfaces to internal and external data sources
  • Optimization of organizational processes
  • Helping our clients achieve organizational goals through data analysis, if necessary using artificial intelligence, cutting edge machine learning technology
  • Assuring compliance to all legal regulations regarding the above in terms of data security, documentation, and archiving